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Is YOUR Website GOOD OR EVIL???!!!

August 12th 2011 04:00
Yes, there is a way to mathematically calculate the soul of your website!

Gematria was developed by Mr. Ivan Panin to determine how good or evil a web site or a text passage is by searching for different patterns through the text.

Using The Gematriculator as provided, you can type in any website or passage to discover the percentage of evil versus good properties.

Google for example returns a hit of 50%/50%....

FunFacts scored a little better....
Gematria calculation

Gematria calculation

Courtesy of The Gematriculator


March 11th 2011 10:30
Just a few photos of counterfeit products, often made in places like China where they try really hard to duplicate products, but sometimes just don't put quite enough effort into the process.
Fake counterfeit Jack Daniels scotch bottle

Fake Counterfeit Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch bottle

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Since My Valentine Got A Computer!!!

February 11th 2011 01:00
A great Valentine's Day poem as written by Joanna Fuchs

Since my Valentine got a computer
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February 7th 2011 23:29
Hershey's Kisses free image
Valentine's Day is fact approaching yet again, so I thought I'd investigate different types of kisses.

How many of these do you have or do on a regular basis?

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December 23rd 2010 22:00
Rudolph red nosed Reindeer santa evaluation

Q. What does Santa call reindeer that don't work?

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A Very TECHY Christmas!!!

December 20th 2010 22:10
Trying to find something special for that very techy person in your life this Christmas??? How about these ideas for inspiration.

A Gingerbread CPU from Mediatinker.

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August 5th 2010 01:00
terrier dog
Sick of the sounds of barking dogs in your neighbourhood? Want to know where the mongrels live? Try the Barking Dog Atlas! You can not only through the use of this website and Google maps warn everyone about noisy dogs in your area, but you can even scope out possible areas to move to for a little more peace and quiet.

Die Fail Whale!!!

July 28th 2010 00:41
Speaking as a fledgling in the Twitterverse (a word alone I find implies that there should be poetry ala Lewis Carroll attached) I have noticed that it does crash fairly consistentently, overloaded with the number of users and heaven knows what else.

twitter fail Whale overload
The privilege of having seen more whales on Twitter of late than tweets, therefore led me to this little online game:

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Have you ever considered that the reading of an eBook on your iPad or a Kindle etc is just not quite the same as when reading an actual book???

iPad book reader
Do you miss that nice 'book smell' that is lacking in today's electronic reading devices???

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Ahoy There Me Facebook Hearties!

June 4th 2010 03:59
Facebook login screen
Calling any and all Facebookers who like to have inane, and idiotic bits of fun!

I was given these instructions by a friend recently, and I enjoyed the outcome so much, I've kept my Facebook setup like this. (Yes, slightly sad I know, but I don't get out much recreationally speaking.)

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BP - Trying to Be Positive

June 1st 2010 03:50
Oils spill Gulf of mexico
With the ongoing drama of the oil spillage n the Gulf of Mexico, thanks to the incompetence of BP, a fake BP Public Relations Twitter account has not only been set up, but attracts a massively larger amount of followers than genuine BP Twitter accounts.

But then again, with comments like those being submitted, is it really any surprise??? Here's a few prime examples:

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Facebook icon
With the growing concerns involving Facebook and its ever changing privacy settings, a few software developers have now engineered a website that allows users to trawl through the status updates of anyone who does not have the correct privacy settings to prevent it.

Named Openbook, the ultimate aim of the site is to further expose the problems with Facebook and its privacy settings to the general public, and show people just how easy it is to access this type of information about complete strangers. The site works as a search engine so it is easy to search terms such as "don't tell anyone" or "I hate my boss", and searches can also be narrowed down by gender.

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Hitchhiking Via The Internet

January 10th 2007 00:30
Hitchhiker in 1977, courtesy of Wikipedia
EUGENE, Ore., Jan. 8 (UPI) -- University of Oregon student Luke Vaughn recently returned home after enjoying a one-month, 10,743-mile roundtrip journey to New York as a human baton.

The 22-year-old originally sought a ride to California, but after more than 300 strangers on the Internet offered him rides, Vaughn found himself passing from vehicle to vehicle to travel through 30 U.S. states in nearly as many days, the Oregonian said.

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Does No Remote Make Your TV Useless?

November 20th 2006 00:53
Can you live your television viewing life out normally without a remote control to assist your watching options?

Would you ever consider buying a television set that didn't come with a remote control?
remote control

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