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Scissors-paper-rock, the universal game where there in no best move. Winning a game is all down to chance right? There is always a action that you will beat, and an action that will beat you, how can you possibly know what will win? By identifying patterns in the way humans play Chinese researchers may have the key to a better strategy.

In the investigation 360 students were arranged into groups of 6 and studied 18 000 rounds of the game. It was noticed that the most popular choice was rock, but only by a small amount, followed by paper and then scissors.

They also discovered a pattern in the way we play. If we win we a most likely to stick with the same sign again, and if we lose we tend to switch from rock to scissors, scissors to paper and paper to rock. This is referred to as the 'win-stay, lose-switch' strategy.

This strategy is quite helpful in terms of real life. If someone provides a product that is doing well they will stay with making the same sort of products, but if the product inst doing too well that are likely to start doing something different. Its a good thing to do in life, play around with it until you find something that works for you, but in rock-paper-scissors it may not be such a good thing.
Rock paper scissors game

With this in mind a better strategy might be to switch in the following way.

If you win:
(and your opponent doesn't know this strategy)

If you won with rock switch to scissors. By using these patterns your opponent is likely to use paper next.

With scissors switch to paper, since your opponent is probably going to use rock next.

For a win with paper switch to rock, as when they switch to scissors you will be able to beat them.

If you lose :

These patterns do follow the pattern that is most predictable, but will work provided your opponent stays with the same sign.

If your loss was caused by throwing rock, throw scissors. They will stay on paper and you can beat them this way.

With scissors switch to paper, as they will most likely still be using rock.

A loss with paper calls for a switch to rock, which can beat their scissors.

But what if they know this strategy too! Maybe you can try this

A loss with rock calls for paper, when they switch to scissors you will win that round.

Losing with scissors means changing to rock, which will beat their switch to scissors.

When you've lost by throwing paper switch to scissors, which will win over their paper.



October 21st 2012 23:43
kaleidoscope of butterflies free image

I'm assuming here that most of us learned about collective nouns in school, eg. a herd of buffalo, a flock of birds etc, generally speaking, the more 'normal' ones, but here is a short list of some of the more uncommonly known ones.

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February 21st 2012 00:01
Urine sample wikipedia free image
Aside from the fact that people during the Middle Ages tended to bathe rather infrequently, in fact Summer being the only real bathing time, did you realise that to assist with their bathing needs, they were also washing themselves with urine?

In fact a little bit of wee went a long way in those days. It was mixed into the soap that they used during bathing, and it was also used as a washing detergent for their clothing. White clothing in particular was used with urine in order to keep it white.

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February 3rd 2011 03:43
coathanger free image clipart
* Bones are made from living tissue that not only shape and support the body and protect some organs, but they also act as storage sites for minerals.

There are 206 bones in the adult human body:-
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A Very TECHY Christmas!!!

December 20th 2010 22:10
Trying to find something special for that very techy person in your life this Christmas??? How about these ideas for inspiration.

A Gingerbread CPU from Mediatinker.

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Facebook icon
With the growing concerns involving Facebook and its ever changing privacy settings, a few software developers have now engineered a website that allows users to trawl through the status updates of anyone who does not have the correct privacy settings to prevent it.

Named Openbook, the ultimate aim of the site is to further expose the problems with Facebook and its privacy settings to the general public, and show people just how easy it is to access this type of information about complete strangers. The site works as a search engine so it is easy to search terms such as "don't tell anyone" or "I hate my boss", and searches can also be narrowed down by gender.

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SpiderGoat, SpiderGoat!!

May 18th 2010 12:51
long horned goat
Ok, so maybe Matt Groening does have something to answer for with 'Spider Pig'.... the cockamamy idea of crossing a spider with a goat!

Yes, you heard right, scientists have now bred a goat that when milked produces spider silk.

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listening to a seashell
We've all done it at one point of another, held a seashell to our ear to see if, as the old wives tale goes, we really can hear the ocean.

But what is it we are really hearing?

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A Few Little Known Body Facts

April 10th 2009 10:53
human body 3D
A human head remains conscious for about 15 to 20 seconds after it is been decapitated.

About 10,000,000 people have the same birthday as you.

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human body torso cut open
The average human body contains enough:

Sulfur to kill all the fleas on an average dog.

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March 12th 2009 10:37
red blood cells free image
The human body contains one of four main blood types: A, B, AB and O.

Each blood-type also has an accompanying Rhesus or Rh factor of either positive or negative.

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human torso muscles blood
The human body is complex structure of cells, so many cells in fact that it would be impossible to count them all. Scientists estimate that there are around 75 trillion cells in the human body with an additional 750 trillion bacteria cells living in the human gut.

10% of your bodyweight consists of bacteria.

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tongue rolling
You may have a vague recollection of coming across this in high school science - particularly if you did biology and genetics.

There is a set of traits that we all as human beings have one or the other of. These are known as inherited traits or characteristics. Depending on which traits your parents have determines your outcome, but it is a 50/50 split as to whether you inherit a particular trait or not..

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Periodic Table Video Experiments Online

September 21st 2008 08:08
mad scientist
Ever struggled to remember the elements of the periodic table and how they perform?

Well in todays YouTube age, scientists at Nottingham University have put together a periodic table of video links. Each element that you click on takes you to an experiment done using the element selected.

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