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Chicken Hatching - LIVE!

July 16th 2007 00:50
Watching chickens hatch out of their small cramped living space can be a fascinating thing to watch.

While over here visiting the UK and looking at primary schools, I've stumbled across one school in particular who has, along with another school, purchased an incubator and is currently hatching out eggs.

They then hooked the webcam up to watch the 10 eggs remotely, so at any time, you can log on and view the progress. One egg has so far hatched out of the 10 with another 2 not far behind, so I thought I'd share the joy of these little beasties hatching out with you, along with some interesting chicken facts.

Simply CLICK HERE and then follow the link on the left hand side labelled 'Styal School Webcam.'

* The most eggs laid by a chicken in one day is seven.

* The greatest number of recorded yolks in one egg was 9.

* Some breeds of chickens are very talented - they can lay coloured eggs in shades of blue and green such as the Ameraucana and Araucana chickens.

* Chickens have over 200 distinct noises they can make for communicating.

* The chicken is believed to be the closest living relative to the T-Rex.

* Chickens can travel 9 miles an hour in a combination of running, jumping and flapping.

* When there is no rooster in a flock of hens one hen will take over the job, crow and stop laying eggs.

* In Roman times, the expression "You were raised by a hen", was a compliment as a chicken makes a great mother.

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