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A Very TECHY Christmas!!!

December 20th 2010 22:10
Trying to find something special for that very techy person in your life this Christmas??? How about these ideas for inspiration.

A Gingerbread CPU from Mediatinker.
Christmas gingerbread CPU house tech nerd

Christmas Wreath at Neatorama
Christmas door wreath geeks nerd tech IT

Snowman USB at Think Geek.

snowman snowbot USB Christmas gift

They also sell a Santa Claus USB
Christmas Santa Claus USB flash drive

...and a range of Motherboard Christmas tree ornaments.
Christmas tree ornament motherboard

An LED Christmas Tree for your desk from Firebox.
LED Christmas tree desktop desk nerd geek techy gift present

Or a Gingerbread Laptop, complete with mouse.
Christmas gingerbread laptop computer geek nerd techy IT idea


August 14th 2008 16:22
You know what - I'm not even going to write my own interpretation of today's little number - instead I'll let you figure it out for yourself from what the makers have to say........but feel free to make your own judgements - I just wouldn't know where to start with this one!

earth earthlings
"Picture yourself lost in the galaxy...UFO sightings and Alien Abductions are on the rise...Will you return to tell the story?

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Replacing Mouse Balls!

July 24th 2008 10:30
This reportedly was a real memo sent by Logitech during the late 1980's. As I've actually set this post up in a hurry in advance due to being on holiday, I haven't had time to check it's authenticity as yet, but it's still good for a laugh regardless.
Supposedly it was sent to all field engineers about a computer peripheral problem. The author of this memo was quite serious. The engineers rolled on the floor!

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If Operating Systems Were Beers!

July 20th 2008 10:30
OK, you'll notice from the start that it is a little more than outdated, but for those of us who remember the 'good old days' of computers and operating systems, it should still give a chuckle!

And of course I'm open to suggestions about what today's 'beers' are really like!

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ISP Providers OR NON-Providers???

December 2nd 2007 09:47
It's nice to have internet access back again, although I must be quick - who knows how long it will actually last for!

Today you can quibble about whether or not I'm stating a fact or merely an observation, but it's pathetic when an internet service provider (ISP) not only cannot provide you the service you pay for, but then charges like a wounded bull for you to ring them and tell them their service isn't working and what on earth is wrong with it this time. Even more so, when they cannot actually tell you because as my dear husband pointed out, their head has no idea what their arse is doing. I won’t mention the company by NAME….

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How To Complain To Your ISP!

August 6th 2007 00:31
ISP's - Grrrr - mine has been dropping off the planet so often I'm beginning to wonder if they've investigated medication for their narcolepsy!

So here's a piece of ISP related humour for you all while the server is still up for the next 10 seconds .

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free clipart emails
A little something currently doing the rounds:

Best "Out of Office" Automatic Email Replies

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Forget illegible handwriting! Have you ever witnessed the results of what happens when doctors pay little attention to spelling, grammar and interpretation?
Here is a list of medical notes written by doctors about certain patients.

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PC Dominoes

May 5th 2007 00:15
PC tower
Ever wondered quite what you could use a number of old PC towers for?

Well one person at least has taken 86 PC towers and put them to a very unique use!

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Mixing Mentos with Diet Coke

September 27th 2006 00:01
Have you ever seen what happens when you drop a Mentos mint into a bottle of Diet Coke?

I bet you’ve never even thought about it before have you? ??

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