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Scissors-paper-rock, the universal game where there in no best move. Winning a game is all down to chance right? There is always a action that you will beat, and an action that will beat you, how can you possibly know what will win? By identifying patterns in the way humans play Chinese researchers may have the key to a better strategy.

In the investigation 360 students were arranged into groups of 6 and studied 18 000 rounds of the game. It was noticed that the most popular choice was rock, but only by a small amount, followed by paper and then scissors.

They also discovered a pattern in the way we play. If we win we a most likely to stick with the same sign again, and if we lose we tend to switch from rock to scissors, scissors to paper and paper to rock. This is referred to as the 'win-stay, lose-switch' strategy.

This strategy is quite helpful in terms of real life. If someone provides a product that is doing well they will stay with making the same sort of products, but if the product inst doing too well that are likely to start doing something different. Its a good thing to do in life, play around with it until you find something that works for you, but in rock-paper-scissors it may not be such a good thing.
Rock paper scissors game

With this in mind a better strategy might be to switch in the following way.

If you win:
(and your opponent doesn't know this strategy)

If you won with rock switch to scissors. By using these patterns your opponent is likely to use paper next.

With scissors switch to paper, since your opponent is probably going to use rock next.

For a win with paper switch to rock, as when they switch to scissors you will be able to beat them.

If you lose :

These patterns do follow the pattern that is most predictable, but will work provided your opponent stays with the same sign.

If your loss was caused by throwing rock, throw scissors. They will stay on paper and you can beat them this way.

With scissors switch to paper, as they will most likely still be using rock.

A loss with paper calls for a switch to rock, which can beat their scissors.

But what if they know this strategy too! Maybe you can try this

A loss with rock calls for paper, when they switch to scissors you will win that round.

Losing with scissors means changing to rock, which will beat their switch to scissors.

When you've lost by throwing paper switch to scissors, which will win over their paper.


Marvellous Mothers Day Facts

May 12th 2015 10:06
Last Sunday, the 11th of May, about 85 countries celebrated Mother's day, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. So in light of this celebration of motherhood here are some marvellous mothers day facts for you to enjoy.

1. Not all countries celebrate Mother's Day on the same day. In Norway it is celebrated on the second Sunday of February, 15 other countries celebrate it on the 8th of March, 19 more countries on the 21st of March, 8 more on the 1st Sunday in May, and many other countries, such as the UK, have their Mothers Day's spread throughout the year.
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Tony Abbott, Australia's current Prime Minister, is known for many things. One of which is his frequent gaffes and other cringe worthy moments.

Here are some moments where Tony has slipped up, BIG TIME.
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Fantastically Funny Phobias!!

April 28th 2015 12:00
Nomophobia - the phobia of not having service on your mobile phone

Somniphobia - the fear of falling asleep
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100 Years Of ANZAC

April 25th 2015 08:22
So its almost 6:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time but never late than never hey!

Today was the 100th year since the Anzacs first landed at Gallipoli so here's some ANZAC facts that may be new to you
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Crazy Chicken Facts

April 19th 2015 00:39
rooster chicken head
Did you know that chickens are the most populous bird on the planet? I think it's time we learned a thing our two about our most populous poultry.

Female chickens, who aren't old enough to lay eggs are called pullets.

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March 11th 2015 03:24
Ever wondered where the term 'Nosey Parker' came from? The nosey part in itself is quite obvious, but the Parker part?

Archbishop of Canterbury Matthew nosey Parker
It turns out there actually was an original Nosey Parker, one Matthew Parker in point of fact. Matthew Parker had worked his way up the ecclesiastical ranks from performing as chaplain to Henry VIII, to eventually becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1559 to 1575.

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February 11th 2015 23:22
wine glasses clinking free image
In 1545 in France, the weevils who were currently eating the crops of Saint-Julien's vineyards were taken to court!

The motion began when a group of winemakers pressured the local judge into a way to stop the weevils, so he had a indictment drawn up and even appointed a defense lawyer to act on behalf of the weevils (now there's an argument I would have liked to have seen!).

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December 14th 2014 23:36
"I love Christmas! I receive a lot of wonderful presents I can't wait to exchange"
- Henry Youngman

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November 18th 2014 11:39
Suffered from any earaches recently?
Sneezing cold

Just be glad you're not living in the the olden days of England when one of the cures for earache was to insert an oil covered cockroach into your ear!

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